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What standard features are available in my website?

Most importantly, the Internet when properly set up and controlled, is very secure.

The privacy of your membership data is secure.

You can even securely process membership subscriptions online if you wish.

A standard club website is typically one to five pages, depending on the size of your club or organisation and the information you have available.

Some clubs expand to a larger number of pages, but a five page mini-site is economical to develop and maintain for smallish community clubs on a limited budget.

Small community groups often start out with a one or two page website to 'test the waters' and fit in with their initial budget and gradually expand as the need arises.

Some of the features requested, and implemented by clubs and organisations include the following:

  • Information page

  • Mission statement (or Aims and Objectives)

  • Contact information (postal address)

  • Committee members contact - email addresses etc.

  • Location and frequency of meetings.

  • Calendar of events

  • Club logo on each page

  • Customised club colours

  • Photos of committee members

  • Photo gallery page of recent events

  • Sponsorship pages (if relevant)

  • Links to affiliated organisations.

Please note that depending on your choice, some of these features are best incorporated on separate pages.


Free Domain

If you don't want to go to the initial and on-going expense and administration of a full domain name at this stage, we are able to offer you your own free (sub) domain name as part of the Club Share standard package.

If you choose this option, your domain name would be;

One e-mail addresses is also available under this plan and is of the format

Hosted websites

Club and small businesses which progress to three or more pages, generally choose a low volume hosted website which provides them with more standard features, including a number of their own e-mail addresses eg for a minimal investment.

What extra features are available for my web site?

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