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The entire community benefits when every person is involved in at least one community club

What are the benefits of an Internet presence to improve communication to members?

The Club Share sub domain option is a cost effective path to start your Internet presence at a basic level and grow as quickly or slowly as feel your way along.

The essential facets to keep in mind are cost-effective flexibility and speed of updating information for your members and the interested public.

Despite the influx of people becoming part of club, organisations and associations are finding that members demand more and more of the time of their committee members. 

Burn out amongst committee members is common and it is becoming difficult to find new committee members.

What is needed is a means of reducing the workload of the voluntary committee members.

The majority of your members want accurate information and results almost as soon as it becomes available. Gone are the days of marathon phone arounds and people waiting for newsletters to hear the latest news and results.

An effective way of providing this service is via your own website.

Another advantage of an effective website is that it provides information to prospective members who want to find more information on clubs prior to approaching them for membership.

You will be able to display your club's event calendar, contact details, newsletters and photos of recent events.

Experience indicates that members will log into your website at least once a month with remote members accessing your website more frequently.

What features are included in my website?

15 Aug 2005

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